Once again this year, MMS 2010 will provide the best possible opportunity to learn about the latest IT Management products, solutions and technologies from Microsoft and how to apply them in your organization. With a number of significant management product releases and announcements planned from Microsoft in the coming year, including some early Beta releases, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss!

Desktop to Datacenter
With such a strong set of new management features and solutions in the pipeline, the sessions and labs at MMS 2010 will offer a unique opportunity to dive deep into these new technologies, allowing you to evaluate the latest options against your needs. New product releases being covered will include System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, System Center Essentials 2010 and Data Protection Manager 2010. There will also be significant coverage of key product Beta releases including the System Center Configuration Manager v.Next Beta.

Sessions will also show how current System Center products and solutions can be applied in both desktop and datacenter scenarios, no matter what size your organization. The solutions covered will help you to capture and aggregate knowledge about your infrastructure, policies, processes and best practices then apply that knowledge to reduce costs, improve application availability and enhance service delivery.

In addition, a number of exciting new announcements are expected around how Cloud solutions can be both leveraged and applied to management scenarios. Sessions will provide insight into both hosting and utilizing of Cloud infrastructures, with new products and solutions from Microsoft and key partners.

Learn from the Experts
The sessions at MMS 2010 will again be presented by top experts in Windows IT Management. Staff from the Microsoft product teams representing the System Center, Virtualization, Windows Server, Windows Client and Solution Accelerator teams will be covering all the latest releases, Betas, updates and solutions available in the coming year.

In addition many industry experts and consultants will be presenting their best practices and real-world tips and tricks developed on live customer deployments. Some topics will be presented by the internal Microsoft IT team, who are typically the first to deploy and manage all of Microsoft's IT management solutions in a live environment and whose experience and expertise is key to many of the solutions offered today.

Finally and most importantly, you will also be able to hear from your peers – other members of the IT community who share many of your day-to-day problems and challenges. Networking opportunities at MMS are legendary and provide an invaluable opportunity to share advice, real-world lessons and powerful shortcuts. Many attendees who are actively using Microsoft products to manage their IT environment will be presenting real-world case studies based on their own experiences.

Hands-on Labs
Hands-on labs continue to be one of the most popular offerings at MMS, and will return in MMS 2010 with even more topics on offer. As usual, a wide range of Self-paced and Instructor-led lab topics will be provided, allowing you to "kick the tires" on variety of existing, newly released and Beta products, or to sharpen your skills in unfamiliar solution scenarios. Lab topics will cover key areas such as deployment, upgrade, configuration and administration across a wide range of environments.

This year many new lab topics are being added to provide a first look at the features and architecture of new releases such as Configuration Manager v.Next, Essentials 2010 and Data Protection Manager 2010. In addition, new topics are being added to cover the management of key new OS platforms such as Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

System Center Solution Scenarios
Some of the solutions enabled by System Center products which will be described in detail during sessions and labs at MMS 2010 will include:

Solutions for Dynamic Datacenters
  • Configuration Management
  • Server Compliance
  • End-to-End Monitoring
  • Data Protection and Recovery
Solutions for Dynamic Desktops
  • Adaptive Application Delivery
  • Client Infrastructure Monitoring
  • End-Point Security Management
  • Simplified Windows Vista Deployment
  • Remote PC Diagnostic and Repair
  • Configuration Compliance
Management of Server Applications
  • Optimizing SharePoint
  • SQL Server Management
  • Exchange Server Management
  • Windows Server Management
Solutions for a Cloud Infrastructure
  • Deploying and Hosting Cloud Infrastructure
  • Managing Desktops from the Cloud
  • Cloud-based Server Management
Products and Releases Covered at MMS 2010
A wide range of existing, new and planned Management Products and Technologies will be covered by sessions and labs during MMS 2010, including but not limited to:

  • System Center Configuration Manager 2007
  • System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 & R3
  • System Center Configuration Manager v.Next (Beta)
  • System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2
  • System Center Essentials 2007
  • System Center Essentials 2010
  • System Center Data Protection Manager 2007
  • System Center Data Protection Manager 2010
  • System Center Service Manager 2010 (Beta)
  • System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2
Heterogeneous Management Topics
Given the broadly heterogeneous nature of today’s IT space, cross-platform and cross-vendor management is also critical to managing the environment effectively. Consequently, a number of sessions during MMS 2010 will specifically focus on:
  • Management of Linux, *nix and mobile platforms
  • Management of server and desktop hardware
  • Management of the network infrastructure
  • Integration between System Center management products and other commonly deployed management consoles
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